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About AliceBob&Eve

This is a blog about software security, related specifications and standards, some news summaries and a lose collection of fuckups. It may jump between the usual technical stuff or simply the authors opinion. Sometimes writing down things frees your mind. Right now it is the usual blogging experiment and we will see if it breaches a magical 10 posts count or will vanish into the webs nirvana forever after a while.

Who are you?

Hi, my name is Simon. I’m not Alice, Bob or Eve.

Who are Alice, Bob and Eve?

Little is known about Alice, Bob and Eve. It seems that Bob really wants to send some secret message to Alice. They don’t know how to achive that, but they are lucky to have their three friends Ron, Adi and Leonard come over and explain how to achive that. Some years ago, in the seventies to be precise, they figured out “A Method for Obtaining Digital Signatures and Public-Key Cryptosystems”. It seems that mysterious Eve really wants to know what Bob tells Alice, so she started her journey to eavesdrop on them. Most likely we will never find out what Bob did send to Alice and the only person on this planet to know it might be Eve.

To be honest, just needed some domain name…


I tried my best to make this blog as accessible as possible. In the end, I don’t have access to a screenreader or any feedback of people with real world experience using supporting devices. Trying Voice-Over on my phone ended in a desaster and Siri had to come and rescue me. Any feedback is appreciated.

No tracking, no cookies. The only information which is kept for a limited amount of time due to technical reasons is the webservers access log with obfuscated IP addresses. The only external ressource currently used is the Google Fonts CDN.

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Why is it not possible to leave comments directly?

Internet comment sections are most of the time a huge pile of shit. You need spam countermeasures, maybe include some 3rd party services which track your users and German law requires you to moderate and filter every single word or you risk beeing liable for it. Beside that, I don’t consider them very helpful in any way. No time for that, just drop me a mail :)

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